About Xiao Asia

The founding members of Xiao Asia have held senior management posts with some of the leading leisure and service companies in Europe and Asia.

We have personally experienced the shifts from retail to direct marketing through to the digital revolution of Internet and mobile delivery of products and services.

Incorporating these innovations successfully led the profitability of the businesses we worked with. We now draw on the skills we have developed and the knowledge we have acquired to help our clients turn their businesses into successful operations in Asia.

Recent Projects

Recently completed projects include:

  • Establishing a hugely successful digital and retail distribution network for a major European software company
  • Researching the potential for video sports products in key Asian markets and initiating sales meetings with target companies
  • Planning and implementing a schools recycling campaign in China on the behalf of a major US packaging company.
  • Development of sales and marketing plans for several Asian countries for a German pet’s products company
  • Developing a series of senior manager training modules for a China based leisure products company wishing to expand into US and European markets


Xiao Asia Ltd: 702 Bangkok Bank Building, 18 Bonham Strand West, Hong Kong

Xiao Associates Inc: 3304 Tektite Tower, Ortigas Centre, Manila

Xiao Associates Inc: The Ninth Tower, Rama 9, Bangkok


+86 159 15840323